Welcome to the SMI Credentials System

Welcome to the Speedway Motorsports Credential System.
Click here to register for access to Speedway Motorsports events.
Thank you for your interest in SMI Credentials. This credentials system is for official use only. Only media, team and manufacturer public relations representatives and sanctioning body officials can request credentials using this system. Anyone wishing to apply for media credentials will have to register as a user. Once approved by the speedway public relations department, you will be granted access to apply for credentials. For all other credential requests, please contact the speedway's credentials department.
Not seeing events you want to attend?
This is usually caused by one of two things.  The most common reason you are not seeing the event you want to attend is because you have not registered for the facility that is hosting the event or you have not been approved for access to that facility.  The other reason is the event is not up for registration yet. 

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on "Account Information" on the left
  3. Scroll down until you get to the access section.  This will tell you what facilities you've requested access for and the status of the request
  4. If the facility is not in the list click the "request additional access" button
  5. Select the facilities you want access to and click save
  6. Your request still needs to be approved by the facility admin.  Once your access is approved you will be able to log on and request credentials


We have found that some AOL users are having problems using smicredentials.

AOL users may find that to best use the smicredentials they minimize (i.e. shrink) their AOL browser and open Internet Explorer if it resides on their computer.

After connecting to the Internet, hit the minus [-] sign in the upper right side of your AOL browser. Minimizing does not close the connection to AOL. Once the AOL browser is minimized please go into Internet Explorer and enter http://www.smicredentials.com into the address bar.

To find if Internet Explorer resides on your computer, click the Start button on the lower left side of the screen; it may appear listed in Programs. It may also reside as a symbol on the desktop in the form of an 'e'.

  1. Connect to the Internet via AOL
  2. Minimize window
  3. Open Internet Explorer
  4. Enter http://www.smicredentials.com
  5. Hit return
  6. Login to your account

Since AOL appears to routinely make changes to their browser, which may or may not be industry standard or compatible, functionality problems may arise when using the smicredentials system with an AOL browser.